Proceedings of the 5th World Congress
on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM'19)


The following papers were presented at the 5th World Congress on Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering (MCM'19).

Microwave Assisted Chloride Leaching of Zinc Plant Residues
Authors: Thomas Abo Atia, Jeroen Spooren

Controlling Calcium Sulphate Scale Formation In Acid Mine Waters
Authors: Max Fazel, Stephen Chesters, Gregory Gibson

Cleaning Calcium Sulfate in Mine Water Membranes
Authors: Gregory Gibson, Max Fazel, Stephen Chesters

Marble Wastes as a Calcareous Sorbent for SO2 Control in Thermal Power Plants
Authors: Naci Emre Altun

How to Attain Regenerator Effectiveness Greater Than 50% in Stirling Engines
Authors: Anders Nielsen, Brayden York, Brendan MacDonald

Innovative Solution for Harvesting Energy in Marine Vessels
Authors: George Nerubenko, Dmytriy Gurevych

Numerical Simulation on Breakup of Droplets from Vibrating Liquid Films
Authors: Yusuke Ohta, Suguru Shiratori, Itsuhei Kohri, Susumu Degawa, Koichi Nishibe, Akemi Ito, Nishimura Akinori, Hideaki Nagano, Kenjiro Shimano

On the Double Peak Structure of Thermosyphon Geysering
Authors: Agnieszka Kujawska, Bartosz Zajaczkowski, Matthias H. Buschmann

Modeling of Heat Transfers during Dropwise Condensation: Analyses of the Influential Parameters
Authors: Jeremie Lethuillier, Marc Miscevic, Pascal Lavieille

An Investigation of Condensation Heat Transfer of Dowtherm-A in Polymer Solidification
Authors: Bora Yazgan, Erdem Gorgun, Mert Patkavak Murat Gokten

Modeling of Liquid Droplet Impingement onto Ti-6Al-4V Substrate
Authors: Mason Marzbali, Ali Dolatabadi

High-speed Droplet Impingement in Compressible Regime
Authors: Mason Marzbali, Ali Dolatabadi

Impact of a Non-Phthalate Based Internal Donor on the Polymerization Behaviour of a Novel Ziegler - Natta Catalyst
Authors: Jingbo Wang, Markus Gahleitner, Peter Denifl, Pauli Leskinen, Johanna Lilja

Novel Ternary Polymer BlendMembranesDopedwith SO4/PO4-TiO2for Low Temperature Fuel Cells
Authors: Marwa Gouda, Wilson Gouveia, Mónica Afonso, Biljana Šljukić, Noha El Essawy, Diogo Santos

Development of Bio-Based Chitosan Films with Incorporated Chestnut Extract
Authors: Marijan Bajić, Uroš Novak, Blaž Likozar

Effect of Ligands in MMA AGET ATRP in 2L Stirred Tank Emulsion Reactor
Authors: Mohammed Awad, Thomas Duever, Ramdhane Dhib

The Role of Deep Eutectic Solvents and Flavonoids in Chitosan Films Properties
Authors: Ewelina Jakubowska, Jacek Nowaczyk, Magdalena Gierszewska, Ewa Olewnik-Kruszkowska, Agnieszka Richert

Investigation of Thermal Stability of Non-Newtonian Melt Flows
Authors: Chamil Abeykoon, Adrian L. Kelly, Arthur Wilkinson

Fast Energy Transport in Droplet Evaporation
Authors: Long Li, Wenyuan Xie, Guang Zhang

Flow Boiling Pressure Drop Characteristics in a Rectangular Metallic Microchannel
Authors:Mehmed Rafet Özdemir, Mohamed M. Mahmoud, Tassos G. Karayiannis

Characteristics of Geladart-B Particles in Fluidized Beds
Authors: Li Dai, Zhulin Yuan

Experimental Evaluation of a Heat Transport System for a High-Temperature Storage Unit
Authors: Tim Lanz, Veronika Jilg, Werner Kraft, Peter Vetter, Benedikt Sebastian Volk

Influence of Cross-Sectional Area Ratio between Shaft and Tunnel and Heat Release Rate on the Plug-Holing Phenomenon in Natural Ventilated Tunnel Fire
Authors: Ki Bea Hong, Junyoung Na, Hong Sun Ryou

Experiments and Modeling of Thermal Quenching in a Pilot Scale Delayed Coker
Authors: Keith Wisecarver

Testing of Polymeric Hollow Fibre Heat Exchanger with Crossed Hollow Fibres
Authors: Erik Bartuli, Tereza Kroulikova

Experimental Study on Emulsion Formation in Buoyancy-Driven Microfluidics Devices
Authors: Yingying Chen, Cheng Yu, Xiangdong Liu, Liangyu Wu

Experimental Study on Self-propelled Motion of Leidenfrost Droplets
Authors: Cuiping Xu, Jiayu Zhang, Fan Zhang, Chengbin Zhang

Natural Convection Heat Transfer between Multiple-Vertical Cylinders
Authors: Tetsuya Teramoto, Takehiko Yokomine, Zensaku Kawara

A Study on Heat Transfer Performance Characteristics of a Binary Refrigerant Mixture
Authors: DongChan Lee, ChangUk Jo, Yongchan Kim

Additive Technologies for Heat Transfer Enhancement
Authors: Vyacheslav Cheverda, Karapet Eloyan, Fedor Ronshin

Experimental Study of Flow Boiling Using R134a in Multi Microchannels
Authors: Rand Al-Janabi, Francesco Coletti, Mohamed Mahmoud, Tassos Karayiannis

Liquid Rise in Uniform Screens under Normal Gravity and Microgravity Conditions
Authors: Weng Ning, Qinggong Wang, Wei Yao, Rong Ma, Yuying Wang, Jingdong Li

Effect of Leading Edge Pressure on the Flow Structures in the Flat Plate Boundary Layer under High Level of Freestream Disturbances
Authors: Yasar Arafath Udhuman, Alakesh Chandra Mandal

Optical and Thermal Techniques for Analyzing Evaporation of Methanol Sessile Droplet
Authors: Rafik Lankri, Mahfoudh Cerdoun, Salah Chikh, Mabrouk Ait Saada, Lounes Tadrist

Production and Characterization of Metal Oxide Loaded Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites
Authors: Şeyma Dombaycıoğlu, Hilal Köse, Hatem Akbulut Ali, Osman Aydın

Free-Standing S-CNT-rGO Nanocomposite Paper Cathodes for Li-S Batteries
Authors: Büşra Şahin, Hilal Köse, Şeyma Dombaycıoğlu, Ali Osman Aydın

Molecular Dynamics Study of the Thermal Conductivity of Graphene Coated Copper
Authors: Kasim Toprak, Gizem Ersavas

Stokes-EInstein-Debye Relation: A Check of Validity for Proteins in Nanoconfinements
Authors: Navaneeth Haridasan, Sridhar Kumar Kannam, Santosh Mogurampelly, Sarith P Sathian

Effect of Uniaxial Strain on Thermal Conductivity of Graphene
Authors: Dheeraj Kavuri Venkata Sai, Sridhar Kumar Kannam, Sarith P Sathian

The Effect of Water Models on Desalination Through Graphene Nanopores
Authors: Vishnu Prasad Kurupath, Sridhar Kumar Kannam, Remco Hartkamp, Sarith Plasseril Sathian

Natural Convection from Locally Heated Horizontal Rectangular Plate-Fin Heat Sinks
Authors: Shwin-Chung Wong, Yi-Cheng Lin, Hong-Jyun Liou

Numerical Simulation of Aqueous Flow in Laser Iridotomy
Authors: Bin Chen, Yibo Zhao, Dong Li

Investigation of the Solid-Liquid Phase Change in the Presence of Gas Phase: Numerical Modeling and Validation
Authors: Ravi Govindram Kewalramani, Sebastian Pose, Ingo Riehl, Tobias Fieback

Numerical Study of Influence of Fluid Distribution over Heat Storage into Porous Media
Authors: Grégoire Bellenot, Fabrice Bentivoglio, Philippe Marty

Numerical Modeling of Heat and Water Transport with Heat Exchange in Unsaturated-Saturated Porous Media Including Heat Influence on Flow
Authors: Jozef Kačur, Patrik Mihala

A Numerical Study On The Performance And Energy Efficiency Improvement Opportunity Of Transport Refrigeration Vehicles In Bangladesh
Authors: Md Mehran Islam, Asif Kabir, Arnab Mustafi Arka, Md Ashiqur Rahman

Effectiveness Of Air Curtains As Thermal And Smoke Barrier Against High Gradients Of Flow Parameters
Authors: Md Arif Mahmud Shoshe, Md Ashiqur Rahman

On a Grid Generation Method Based Upon Inhomogeneous Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Authors: Kevin de Conde, Ezio Castejon Garcia, João Luiz F. de Azevedo

Finned Space Radiator Performance Analysis Using Computational Methods
Authors: Kevin de Conde, Rafael Dias Vilela, Ezio Castejon Garcia

Prediction for Heat Loss in Reheating Furnace Due To Partition Wall Installed At Soaking Zone
Authors: Seungjin Lee, Seongkyu See

Preliminary Design of Axial Flow Turbine for a Small Jet Engine
Authors: Ana Adalgiza Garcia Maia, Janaina Ferreira da Silva, Jesuíno Takachi Tomita, Cleverson Brighenti

Applying a Preconditioning Technique to the Euler Equations to Accelerate the Convergence Rate for Low-Speed Flows
Authors: Ana Adalgiza Garcia Maia, Janaina Ferreira da Silva, Jesuíno Takachi Tomita, Cleverson Brighenti

The Influence of Surface Deformation on Thermocapillary Flow Instabilities in Low Prandtl Melting Pools with Surfactants
Authors: Amin Ebrahimi, Ian M. Richardson, Chris R. Kleijn

Improving Greenhouse Insulation through Multilayer Thermal Screens Using the Hot Box Method
Authors: Helena Vitoshkin, Avraham Arbel, Vitaly Haslavsky

Life Expectancy of Polymeric Hollow Fibre Heat Transfer Surfaces
Authors: Tereza Brozova, Tereza Kroulikova

Thermal Management of Lithium-Ion Battery Using Heat Pipes in ESS
Authors: Jong Wook Yoon, Dong Soo Jang, Sungho Yun, Hyun Ho Shin, Yongchan Kim

Dynamic Simulation of Bio-Hydrogen System Driven Waste Heat from Steel-Manufacturing Process
Authors:Joon Ahn

A Neuro-Fuzzy Model of Evaporator in Organic Rankine Cycle
Authors: Hamid Enayatollahi, Peter Fussey, Bao Kha Nguyen

Effects of Impeller Configuration on the Performance of a Double Suction Pump
Authors: Jeong-Min Jin, Yo-Hwan Kim, Yeong Wan Je, Youn-Jea Kim

Sensitivity Analysis of Shape Variables on Fire Extinguishing Nozzle for Reducing Flow Noise.
Authors: Jeong-Min Jin, Yo-Hwan Kim, Yeong Wan Je, Youn-Jea Kim

3 Dimensional CFD analysis of Laminar flow Natural Convection of Hollow Cylinder with Annular Fins
Authors: Gaurav Krishnayatra, Sulekh Tokas, Rajesh Kumar, Mohammad Zunaid

Numerical Investigation on The Boundary Layer Development with The Effect of Wakes Generated by Translational Cascades
Authors: Zhang Xu, Pengfei Wang, Jiaming Wang, Xiaodong Ruan, Zhongbin Xu, Xin Fu

RANS Modelling for Temperature Variance in Conjugate Heat Transfer
Authors: Gaoqiang Yang, Hector Iacovides, Timothy Craft

Reactive Turbulent Flow Model Of Anode Baking Furnace To Estimate Nox Through Zeldovich Mechanism
Authors: Prajakta Nakate, Domenico Lahaye, Cornelis Vuik

Estimation of Optical Uncertainties in a Particle Laden Flow
Authors: Kaelan Hansson, Iain Boyd

The Formulation of the RANS Equations for Hypersonic Turbulent Flows
Authors: Haoyuan Zhang, Timothy Craft, Hector Iacovides

Implementing a Preconditioning Technique in A RANS Compressible Code to Accelerate the Convergence Rate for Low-Speed Flows
Authors: Ana Adalgiza Garcia Maia, Janaina Ferreira da Silva, Jesuíno Takachi Tomita, Cleverson Bringhenti

Air Ventilation and Thermal Comfort in a Tramcar
Authors: Ugur Demir, Saeid Angeneh, Murat Aktas

Heat Transfer Characteristics for Inclined Jet on a Roughened Flat Plate
Authors: Abdulrahman Alenezi, Abdulrahman Almutairi, Hamad Alhajeri

Identification of Transient Temperature Distribution in a Thick-Walled Component
Authors: Piotr Duda, Mariusz Konieczny

Innovative Miniature Emittance Scanner Integrating Heat Exchanger in Harsh Vacuum Environment
Authors: Vitaly Haslavsky, Ido Silverman

Thermal Insulation Boards Based On Recycled Rigid Polyurethane Foam
Authors: Artur Miros, Michal Kuzia

Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer in Stagnant Bed for Processing of Agriculture Products
Authors: Jan Havlík, Jan Opatřil

CFD Modelling of The Airflow in The Driver's Cabin of a Modern Rail Vehicle
Authors: Agnieszka Palmowska, Katarzyna Walczyk

Effects of Turbulence Modelling on 3D Flow Generated by a Piezoelectric Fan
Authors: Myong Hun Oh, Soo Hyun Park, Minsuk Choi

Numerical Study on Oil Flow In The Vicinity Of Discharge Reed Valve of Air Compressor
Authors: Susumu Degawa, Koichi Nishibe, Suguru Shiratori, Itsuhei Kohri, Akemi Ito, Akinori Nishimura

Independent Assessment of the Major Nuclear Transient without Excessive Conservatism
Authors: Il S. Lee, Min K. Cho, Kyung L. Baek, Yong C. Kim

Optimization of Processing parameters on Low Temperature Plasma Nitriding of AISI 420 Martensitic Stainless Steel
Authors: Insup Lee

Selection of Optimum Welding Condition using Experimental Design Methods for the Automatic GMA Welding Process
Authors: Zong-Liang Liang, Tae-Jong Yun, Won-Bin Oh, Bo-Ram Lee, Byeol Lim, Bock-Hee Park, Ill-Soo Kim

An Experimental Study on the Characteristics of Day-to-day Natural Ventilation in Underground Mines
Authors: Dong-Kil Lee, Jong-Myung Park

Towards A Database for the Valorisation of Tailings in Mining Regions-Method and Preliminary Results
Authors: Marta Alonso-Fernández, Santiago Cuesta-López, Silvia Román-Lorza, Elena Fernández

Friction Factors Determination of the Auxiliary Ventilation System in an Underground Mine
Authors: Marc Bascompta Massanés, Lluís Sanmiquel, José Juan de Felipe, Jordi Vives

Application of Wireless Measurement While Drilling Technology in In-situ Leaching Uranium, Xinjiang, NW China
Authors: Zhi-Ming Du, Zheng-Bang Liu, Po Li

Study on Casing Stability under Non-Uniform Ground Stress for In-Situ Leaching Well Of One Uranium
Authors: Li-zhi Yang, Po Li

Sizing Function Based on Machine Learning for Unstructured Mesh Generation
Authors: Xiang Gao, Chuanfu Xu

Thermal and Mechanical Analysis of Butt Welding
Authors: Heny Andya, Ling-Chieh Shen, Yuan-Zhang Luo, Chih-Kuang Lin, Chih-Han Wu, Yi-Mei Huang

Construction of Wireless Piezoelectric Micro Robots with Arduino Control Module
Authors: Chi Hsiang Pan, Hsin-Ying Pan

Meta-modeling Effects on Approximate Multi-objective Design Optimization of Mechanical Device for Offshore Installation Barge
Authors: Chang Yong Song, Woo-Chang Park, Jung-Wook Yang, Tae-Yang Moon, Dong-Joon Lee, Kangsu Lee, Hong-Gun Sung

Study on Virtual Crane Simulation for Monitoring and Prevent Maintenance of Launching and Recovery System
Authors: Hyunwoo Kim

A Study of the Effects of Busan Leading Company Certification on Business Performance
Authors: Young Seok Ock, Joo Wan Kim

Structural Stability Evaluation of Personnel Transfer Chamber Launch and Recovery System Winch Utilizing Finite Element Analysis
Authors: Seungchan Kim, Sangki Lee, Moonkil Jeon, Taegyu Hwang, Jeong-hwan Kim

The 3D Numerical Study of Flow Regimes within Bubble Column Reactor
Authors: Mojataba Goraki Fard, Youssef Stiriba, Xavier F. Grau

Comparative Study Of W(VI) And Cr(VI) Oxyanions Binding Ability With Magnetic Amino-Functionalized Nanocomposite In Aqueous Solution
Authors: Ljiljana Suručić, Aleksandra Nastasović, Aleksandra Rakić, Antonije Onjia, Aleksandar Popović, Goran Janjić

Removal of the Ammonia Nitrogen by Fe2O3 Coated Zeolite
Authors: Kyung-Han Lee, Cheol-hwi Ryu, Gab-Jin Hwang